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Water fervently guards itself against air and light. Whenever these two sneak in its dark abyss, the water devours them. Yet water's power gives in to the human beauty, releasing the light and air it held captive. When a weightless beauty wrapped in light and air bubbles shines before my camera - the camera takes pictures on its own. I am just holding my breath.

Alex Sher Once upon a time, when wheels were made of stone and phones had no cameras, lived my grandma. I loved my grandma and loved her stories about people and places she remembered. There was one story about a photographer grandma was telling in her photo lab. She never mentioned his name - just a guy who could make any woman beautiful with his camera. I envied this guy. I wished my grandma would say that about me some day. He knew some secrets this photographer and he took these secrets with him to his Holocaust grave.
Many years have passed. I've travelled around the world, changing jobs and cameras, taking pictures of the most beautiful people and unbelievable things. Through my life journey I hope to hear some day: "He is a magician, he makes life beautiful with his camera".

Alex Sher is an American underwater fine art photographer whose admiration of feminine sensuality heralded him to worldwide acclaim. Sher's works have been published by prestigious magazines, exhibited at the greatest galleries and museums.
Alex Sher was born in Ukraine in 1962 and fell in love with photography at the age of six. He graduated the University in 1984 and completed postgrad in 1989. Sher started showing his photographs in galleries in Ukraine in 1989; however, he jokes he was not an acclaimed artist until his work was first stolen from an exhibition in 1994.
Alex Sher moved to the US with his family in 1995 and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.
Sher started taking underwater photographs in 2010. His marine wildlife works soon became internationally recognized - which did not stop him from shifting towards fine art photography.
Sher's first fine art works emerged in 2013. In 2015, after participating in photo competition his works were exhibited in Paris at the Louvre Museum and later by museums of London, New York, Los Angeles, and other metropolises. Sher's first personal exhibition was held in 2016 by the Bruce Lurie Gallery in Los Angeles.
Sher's first photo book 'Mermaids' was published in 2018.
2021 marks a new step in Sher's creative career. The most recent series 'REFLECTIONS' introduces his transition from figurative photography towards abstract art.